Apple iPad Air 3 Smashing Specifications and Features

The rumours web has started building for the Apple iPad Air 3 specification and features. The present heart of the most recent iPad Air 2 is Apple A8X chip. This chip is enough to handle any type of work and present applications without any flaws. And now here are rumours for Apple A9X chip would be more advanced.

Apple iPad Air 3 specifications

The iPad Air 3 specifications rumours starts from Apple A9X chip that would be the heart of iPad Air 3. According to rumours, the new chip would be much advanced as compare to present chip. The present chip features 3 processing cores clocked at 1.5 GHz. But the new chip is expected to feature 4 cores clocked at 2.X GHz. And yes, the performance with this chip would be two times better. Also, there would be 3GB RAM. Yes, next generation iPad would be the first to feature 3GB RAM. At present, 2GB RAM is max in iPhone and iPad series.

If we talk about the other iPad Air 3 Specifications, it includes 10MP primary camera and 8MP front sensor. There is already a trend in the market that which is the best device for taking selfies and now Apple will join this war too with the next launch of Apple. Also, there are rumours that we might see the fast charging capabilities in the next iPad. Also, it is worth mentioning we might have the very first waterproof and dust-proof iPad. As there are already waterproof tablets and smartphones available in the market. And Apple will be bringing similar solution and who knows, if iPhone 7 would get similar features.

On the software end, we would see iOS 9 in the Apple iPad Air 3. Also, many websites has discussed the concept of iOS 9 that it would carry better optimisation, flow and fast input output.

Well, this was all about the Apple iPad Air 3 specifications and features. More updates to come, stay tuned and don’t forget to like the post, share and tweet. And your comments are most welcome; you can also discuss your view regarding upcoming launch and concepts.

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