Samsung Galaxy S9: The Latest Smartphone to Enjoy

Today’s generation can be justifiably defined as Smartphone generation. The trend of Smartphones wholly grasped the technology and tries to collect all leading techs in one Smartphone. Race in the Smartphone industry is mounting gradually. Many Companies are attempting to institute hold over the Smartphone sell and among all of them, Samsung is the principal producer these days. The fresh initiate in the Note Series was Galaxy S8. While the warm of S8 is still heating the market, people have started talking about its next release S9.

Galaxy S9 release date prospects

Before now every year we spot a novelty in the Smartphone market transported Samsung and in the near potential another pioneering trend might arrive at the market with much advanced technology and features with the name Galaxy S9.

If you are anticipating Galaxy S9 in 2017 then it won’t build any logic, because S8 was just released. On the other hand, if we observe the continuous release of previous versions of Samsung, then we can get a clear knowledge about the release of its next edition.

Galaxy S9

Earlier releases

  • Galaxy S7 : Feb 2016
  • S8 : March 2017?
  • Galaxy S9 : Jan 2018?

Yes, Galaxy S9 is expecting to be on floor by Jan or Feb of 2018. But it is just a gossip and still don’t have any official announcement from Samsung yet.

Galaxy S9 Specs and probable traits:

It is known to all that if S8 is such amazing, then how S9 will be presented. Definitely it would be a dazzling Smartphone if we compare it to the latest release of Samsung. In 2018 the entire drift of Smartphone trade might revolutionize with the fresh and advance techs and incredible provisions. Little years ago, when 2GB RAM was just like fanatical today there are Smartphones with 4GB RAM and still people are expecting much enough than it. When S8 has arrived with 4 GB RAM, it is not so surprising to expect S9 with 6 GB or 8GB RAM.

When all Galaxy S and Note series members are appearing with mostly latest two versions like snapdragon version and Exynos version, no doubt, the next edition of Samsung Note series will come with Exynos version. Moreover, it is expected to see Galaxy S9 with a 16-core processor of Samsung, 6GB RAM and astonishing crinkles display of 4K resolution alike its present edition. But this can’t be so sure because the Smartphone industry is most varying industry presently and the similar design, equal formation and alike concept will not work for long surely.

When we come to camera and picture quality, it is no doubt that Samsung is presently giving the best camera quality in market and so hopes are really high from S9. As S8 has arrived with 16 MP rear and 5MP front camera, S9 is expecting to be with 30MP rear and 7MP front camera.

But all this specs, release dates are just some gossips and still the market is waiting for the official release from Samsung itself regarding its forthcoming gadget Galaxy S9. Till then keep enjoying with S8 and hope to have a best ever Smartphone with S9 in 2018.

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