Apple iPad Air 3 Release Date Rumours Roundup

It’s never early to talk about the gadgets of Apple that are coming after a year or months. And here we are talking about Apple iPad Air 3 release date.

iPad Air 3 Release Date Rumours

Apple iPad Air 3 release date

Apple iPad Air 2 has just released and selling like hot cakes over the world because of its massive specifications and slimmer design profile and similar is expected with Air 3 tablet but what would be the final specs, design and release date is still in dilemma. But just after the release of 2nd generation iPad Air the rumors regarding the release of 3rd generation iPad Air are buzzing in the market.

If you just look at the previous records of Apple regarding the releases of iPad Air series devices, then you would find October month to be the special month for Apple fans when they see their Apple iPad Air and it is happening since past two years. Without any doubt, you may also think October 2015 would be the release month for new iPad 2015. But according to experts and market observer, the iPad Air 3 release date might be earlier to schedule because of trend running in the market.

Yes, in the past few months we have seen many devices were released before their schedule. But what is pressurizing the brands? Well, every single months lots of smart gadgets are released worldwide. And few rising brans in the Asia are offering their premium specs and amazing design products are very cheap prices and yes people are accepting them to enjoy the technology at very cheap prices. And the impact is going to big brands because small brands have started eating their space in the market. But with the single launch of a product from a big brand as Apple, covers all the space eaten by small brands. Well, this is not only the reason. On other side, the war has started between the big brands. In past two years, brands like Samsung have directly affected the sales of Apple products. As per the present stats, after the launch of iPhone 6, Apple has improved its share in the market with a hike as compare to Samsung. So, there are chances we can see the next device Apple iPad Air 2015 earlier in the market.

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