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In the month of October 2014, Apple revealed the second generation of iPad in the iPad Air series or fifth generation iPad in the original iPad Series. Apple iPad Air appeared for the first time in the month of October 2013. Apple iPad Air series is the reborn series of original iPad and yes this revolutionary series is faster, lighter and slimmer. By launching, iPad Air 2 Apple proved that it is best in its class and yes the new iPad is revolutionary by design and performance. It is the slimmest every launched iPad. And here we have the news regarding next generation Apple iPad Air 3 or Apple iPad 7.

Apple iPad Air

Evolution of Apple iPad Air 3

Every year, Apple brings us a new generation tablet and for the 2014 it was iPad Air 2, which is amazingly slim and designed. On other hand, now iPad Air 3 is rumored with new design scheme and unbelievably slim. Yes, the Apple iPad 2015 is going to be just mere 5mm thin. If we talk about the most recent generation, iPad Air 2 is pretty slim to iPad Air 2013. And this difference measured to be 18% thinner, which is pretty significant. So, if iPad Air 3 would be just 5mm thick then it would be in the world’s slimmest tablets range.

 Apple iPad Air 3 Release Date

  • Apple iPad Air released 2013, October.
  • Apple iPad Air 2 released 2014, October.
  • Apple iPad Air 3 release date – September 2015?

The launch of iPad Air 2 was full of surprises. No doubt, this revolutionary device is one of the best devices Apple ever has launched. As per the previous releases, we can compute the iPad Air 3 release date to be 2015 October. But as per the market trend, manufacturers are bringing their devices earlier to the schedule because of the competition and new technology, changes that are arriving in the market. So, who knows if we would see Apple iPad Air 2 on the market shelves in the month of September and official announcement to be held in August? But these are rumors; we can’t believe it in one go. We have to wait lot more our 2015 iPad. Till then we would hear lots of rumors, news and concepts of iPad Air 3. Let’s learn and discover few.

Apple iPad Air 3 Specs and features

iPad Air 3

The present generation Apple iPad Air 2 features A8X chip with tri-core processor and 64-bit architecture and along with 2GB RAM. It is enough to give very smooth performance and can handle any type of available application. And also, it would able to handle the applications that would be launching in upcoming 2 to 3 years, without any problem. And yes the upcoming generation Apple A9X chip would be much faster and along with the premium performance we would get the best efficiency because of hardware optimization. Below we have listed iPad Air 3 specifications based on present rumours on the web.

  • 10.1 inches True 4K resolution display
  • Apple A9X 64-bit architecture chip
  • X GHz processor with 3GB RAM
  • 64GB / 128GB in-built memory
  • 8MP front (the wide angle selfie sensor) and 10MP rear facing camera
  • Touch ID improved and faster sensor
  • <5mm thickness

 These specifications are enough to be a star tablet and yes Apple will make it possible in few months after launching Apple iPad Air 2. But would these specifications be enough revolutionary, well answer is simply no. All fans of Apple want something amazing this time, which would be more surprising, faster, thinner and unique. iPhone X in 2017 was a big deal, but other companies such as Samsung and Google are catching up. We would soon have the Google Pixel 3 in the market.

iPad Air 3 price

It would not make any sense if we try to compute the iPad Air 3 price now as we are talking this, months ago to the launch. But if you would compare the present generation iPad Air 2 prices we can judge iPad Air 3 prices too.

  • iPad Air 2 16GB – 489 Euros for WI-Fi version and 609 Euros for Cellular version
  • iPad Air 2 64GB – 589 Euros for WI-Fi version and 709 Euros for Cellular version
  • iPad Air 2 128GB- 689 Euros for WI-Fi version and 809 Euros for Cellular version

 So, the price range of iPad Air 3 would lie in between 450 Euros to 850 Euros.

Apple iPad Air 3 iPad 7


At present, we can’t fully decide or conclude that how iPad Air 3 would be like or it’s shape. We have lot of months with us to explore the upcoming Apple iPad Air 3. And we are exploring more on the same; you can also share your concept and expectations in the comment section below. And do subscribe to our newsletter to receive everything about iPad Air 3, right into your mailbox. Cheers!

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